Friday, May 29, 2009

Adventures of Batman & Robin - Finally Bought it, Finally Beat it!!!

Ok, I've beaten this game already several times on a computer / SEGA Genesis emulator. Does that count? Who cares? I bought the game off of eBay for a nice price of $9 CIB and got my hands on it last week. I sat down and the played the game from start to finish and never looked back. In that same day I completed this game with out a problem.

I like to call this game a SHUMP game cause that's pretty much all you do is run around shooting different weapons at the enemies. There are a lot of reviews stating this game is the hardest of hard. Some say the Mad Hatter boss fight is the hardest. Really? The Mad Hatter boss fight is hard? Ok, I agree, but, it's only hard to fight the Mad Hatter only if your weapon you’re shooting at him is at a very low level. If one of the three weapons is at maxed level then the boss fight with Hatter is a quick and painless one. If your weapon is not maxed out, then it’s going to be a crazy, hard fight with not only Mad Hatter throwing troll bombs at you, but the freaking 3D world is going to be moving a such a fast pace while you jump and dodge the damn playing card walls coming at you.

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